Sample App

Here are some of the web applications we have developed.

All basic functions are available free of charge.

They are also available in English.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

AI Quiz App

It was created by integrating Laravel, Vue.js and ChatGPT. You enter keywords, and the AI (ChatGPT) will create a quiz for you. You can also try quizzes created by others.

When you run the quiz, a score is calculated based on the percentage of correct answers and response time, and a ranking is displayed.

If you like, please try the actual quiz.

Salary Predictor with Machine Learning Model

使用技術   scikit-learn, Python, Flask
  • Predict salary based data such as age, job and so on.

Predict monthly salary based on age, job type, position, company size, and education level. I created a salary prediction model using data from the government’s comprehensive statistics portal & integrated this into a web application.

AI-based menu creation application [Today’s Menu]

This is a web application that integrates ChatGPT and Laravel.

You tell it the ingredients and it comes up with a menu.

Images appropriate to the dish are also displayed.