Web application development and maintenance

We mainly develop web applications using the PHP framework Laravel.

The following is the flow of development.

Development Flow

  • STEP.01
    Please use the inquiry form on this website.
  • STEP.02
    We listen to your request in an online meeting.
  • STEP.03
    An estimate will be provided within one week of the hearing.
  • STEP.04
    Contracts for the development of systems will be signed.
  • STEP.05
    System Design
    We review your request again and clarify the details of the functions to be implemented.
  • STEP.06
    System Development
    Proceed with system development.
  • STEP.07
    We test the developed system and correct any defects.
  • STEP.08
    Test by customer
    The customer tests the system.
  • STEP.09
    If there are no problems, we deliver the system. We also offer maintenance and operation services if requested.


Examples of web apps we have created

We have developed the following systems.

Development of business management system for internal use

Customer: Company operating an online store

A management system was developed to streamline existing operations. It made data available outside the company through PDF downloads and external linkage capabilities. The system automated contact with external vendors and customers.

Technologies Used:PHP、Laravel、MYSQL, Javascript, Bootstrap4

Forms sharing system

Customer: Recycle store operating company

We have developed a system that can extract and display various data such as sales and schedules according to conditions. It also has a function to download data in PDF format. This centralized the data used within the company and made meetings and other operations more efficient.

Technologies Used:PHP、Laravel、MYSQL, Javascript, Bootstrap4

Modification of existing web system

Customer: Company operating a membership-based educational website

A function that allows service providers and customer users to chat with each other on membership sites is added. This system also allows service providers to check the usage status of customer content.

Technologies Used:PHP、Laravel、MYSQL

Sample Apps

The following sample apps are available. Please click here.

  • Quiz App
  • Schedule adjustment app
  • URL switching app (for displaying limited prices, etc.)


Customer Review

Please feel free to contact us through Contact Us page to discuss web system development and additional functions.