Transitioning to an Engineering Career in the ’40s: A Portfolio Built with Laravel as the Key to Success

(Screenshot of the chat conversation when he received the notification of passing)

Sharing feedback from a student after enrolling in our Laravel course and receiving consultation.

To kickstart a career in engineering, the individual built a portfolio using Laravel through our consultation service.

◆Name: Ms. Mafuyu

◆Profession: Sole Proprietor

◆Satisfaction Level (5-point scale): Extremely Satisfied ★★★★★


The course was based on a textbook for Laravel web application development, but I learned much more advanced techniques than I expected, which has become a great source of confidence for my future.

Since the instructor was easy to talk to, I could relax and enjoy our sessions after the initial meeting without any tension.

I am also very grateful for the compassionate and patient support, even when we were pressed for time.

I believe the web application, which I couldn’t have completed without Junco-sensei, has turned into an excellent portfolio.

Thank you so much, Junco-sensei!!


After completing the portfolio, the individual started their journey to secure a job in engineering.

Later, we received a message from Ms. Mafuyu, announcing that she had passed the evaluation of the company she applied to.

Here is the additional message we received:

Hello Junco-sensei, it’s been a while! How have you been?
I just got the news that I passed the evaluation from the development team,
and I wanted to let you know.
It’s 1,000 percent thanks to you, Junco-sensei, and I am incredibly grateful! Thank you so much.』


I was overjoyed to receive this report first thing in the morning!

Ms. Mafuyu is someone with a keen sense of color and a strong sense of individuality.

I believe not only her technical skills in her portfolio but also her straightforward personality and design sense were highly appreciated.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

The support I received helped me solve problems faster.

Review after Receiving Programming Tutoring


◆Job:Sole Proprietor

◆Web application created during tutoring

Web application for extended functionality of Strip

◆Goot Point

The most important thing I think is the time saving.
I am very happy that the support I received helped me solve the problem quickly.

She not only answered my questions, but offered many suggestions.
I am still learning Laravel, but I am not sure how to build a web app without a good understanding of Laravel. Also, when I asked a question, I got a response by the next day, which made the development process faster.
The timing was perfect for me.
At first, I thought tutoring service was for programming beginners, but it was not. I highly recommend it to anyone who has programming experience and wants to learn Laravel.
I think it is much more time-saving and easier to develop than a programming school.
Junko san’s personality is also very good, and I was able to consult with her easily and feel at ease. Thank you very much.

I feel much more confident that I was able to deploy my own apps.

Review after Receiving Programming Tutoring


◆Job:Sole Proprietor

◆Web application created during tutoring

・English Words Learning App
・Pass/fail self-assessment tool for public high school entrance exam


I was wondering “Is there anything next?” after doing the very basics of Laravel on the other programming learning site, and Junko-sensei’s Laravel textbook and also the deploy course were great.

This time, I was working on three web apps (two are finished, one is still in progress).

What I appreciated most was I felt secure in the knowledge that I could ask Junko-sensei if I had any problems.

In my profession as a tutor for students, I know very well that “people who throw everything at me just because they are paying me won’t grow”.

I know this well, so I have tried to proceed without the help of Junko-sensei as much as possible.

No matter how much trouble I got into, there was always a ray of light shining through.
I thought to myself, “I’m going to try a little harder on my own.

It was also nice to learn in a welcoming atmosphere even when our one-year-old son appeared during the video call lesson.

In the end, I didn’t finish the main web app within the time frame (because I started making a different app on my own in the middle of the project), but I think the two apps I was able to make as a preliminary step will be very useful for making another main app in the future.

Personally, I feel much more confident that I was able to deploy my own apps.