Successfully transitioned from a different industry to engineering after learning from our Laravel learning site

(CMS created after taking the Laravel textbook)

Here is a message from a student who developed a web app for a real business after taking the Laravel textbook.

The web app is a CMS for his parents business. They run plastering work business. With this app, they can manage and add easily their plastering job achievements.

Here is his message we received.


Junko san, Nice to meet you.

I sent you this message to thank you for your help in completing the application myself using the Laravel textbook as a reference.

Even my parents, who are not very good at using PCs, were able to create a website with this CMS that allows them to easily add their own achievements, and they were delighted with the results.



I could not understand Laravel clearly even after reading reference books and blogs of various people, but the Laravel textbook was really easy for me to understand.

When I was about to have a hard time with Laravel, I came across the Laravel textbook and felt that I would be able to have a long relationship with Laravel in the future. Thank you very much for sharing your valuable know-how.

I had no experience with programming as I had been working in a different industry, but I am now very confident that I was able to create this site using Laravel textbook.

I am anxious about taking on the challenge of becoming an engineer at the age of 37, but the confidence I have gained this time is going to be my driving force.

(Mr.AK、Male in his 30s)

After that, he passed the 4-week technical exam and final interview and successfully changed his engineering career.

In the technical exam, he developed a web application. While many people had been learning programming for 2 to 3 years, he, who had been learning for less than 1 year, was selected.

He sent us the additional messages as below.

What I felt during this job hunt is that if you have the skills to create what you want to create, you can overcome the handicaps of age and learning period.

My experience in implementing an original CMS before I started job hunting allowed me to develop applications without feeling rushed during the technical examinations.

I feel this was largely due to your Laravel learning site.

I also felt confident that even if I was unsure of the order or method of application development, I could deal with it by checking your site.


I used to stress about not having enough time, but now that I have a full remote/full-flex workplace, I am more satisfied with my life.

From his message, we believe that his skills and confidence in his abilities are key to his success.

We are very happy to hear that his new job has improved his life satisfaction.

Thanks to the class, I joined development company this July!

Here is some feedback from a person who overcame adversity and successfully changed careers in engineering after completing the “Laravel Textbook”, our learning site.

He sent us the following email.


Junko san,

I just wanted to send you an email to say thank you!

I am from Taiwan and majored in Japanese at university.
I came to Japan with a dream of working in Japan, but as a matter of course, I realized that Japanese alone was not enough.

From there, I studied programming and hoped to work as an engineer someday.

It was not a smooth road, but thanks to your classes, I joined a development company in July of this year and successfully completed my probationary period.

There was a time when I was thinking of giving up on the idea of changing careers to become an engineer, but I am truly grateful for you.

Mr. Kou


He must have been working hard despite the language barrier.

We are very happy for his success.



What I learned in the course helped me a lot in my actual work!

Review after learning [Laravel Textbook]


Age: 50’s

Job:Company employee

Reason for taking the course: For Current Job


I work as a programmer, but I do a lot of temporary jobs and work at the placements the company tells me to work, so it is not possible for me to choose my own placements.

This was my first time to develop in Laravel, so what I learned in this course during this time helped me a lot in doing actual work.

The course was easy to understand and I was able to complete the Laravel 8 course without falling behind. No other course is this kind.

The course fee is too reasonable. I think you should raise the price.
Thank you very much for all your help.


I was able to make a successful career change to engineering.

Review after learning [Laravel Textbook] [Deploy Lesson], and also online lesson.

After completing the course, he successfully transitioned from a completely different industry to engineering.



Age: 30’s

Job:Company employee

Reason for taking the course: Career Change


I was able to disclose my portfolio to be used as a job application.

This was very helpful because when changing jobs in the IT industry, if you can’t make your portfolio public, you can’t apply for the job itself.
If I had not taken this course, I might still be struggling with not being able to apply for jobs.

One of the best aspects of the course was the question and answer session available.
I am sorry that I took the time to ask all the questions, but it was a great help to myself.
If I had not been able to ask questions, I would have been in danger of getting stuck in the middle of the course.


We later received the following message from him.

“Thanks to your support, my job search was successful and I will be working as an engineer from September. Thank you very much. It was definitely thanks to this course.”

We are very happy to support him in his career change.



The strong sense of accomplishment after completing the course

Review after learning [Laravel Textbook] to the end.


Age: 40’s

Job:Sole Proprietor

Reason for taking the course: Improvement of skills as a freelancer


I think the book that everyone picks up for Laravel in Japan is “Introduction to PHP Framework Laravel” by Tsuyano Shoda. This book itself is a very informative book, but I feel that there are fewer options for Laravel learning contents compared to Rails.

This “Laravel Textbook” was easier to introduce than the book, and many of the units were well beyond the beginner’s boundaries. However, they were all indispensable, and the sense of accomplishment after completing the course was stronger than any of the materials.

The support I received helped me solve problems faster.

Review after Receiving Programming Tutoring


◆Job:Sole Proprietor

◆Web application created during tutoring

Web application for extended functionality of Strip

◆Goot Point

The most important thing I think is the time saving.
I am very happy that the support I received helped me solve the problem quickly.

She not only answered my questions, but offered many suggestions.
I am still learning Laravel, but I am not sure how to build a web app without a good understanding of Laravel. Also, when I asked a question, I got a response by the next day, which made the development process faster.
The timing was perfect for me.
At first, I thought tutoring service was for programming beginners, but it was not. I highly recommend it to anyone who has programming experience and wants to learn Laravel.
I think it is much more time-saving and easier to develop than a programming school.
Junko san’s personality is also very good, and I was able to consult with her easily and feel at ease. Thank you very much.

I feel much more confident that I was able to deploy my own apps.

Review after Receiving Programming Tutoring


◆Job:Sole Proprietor

◆Web application created during tutoring

・English Words Learning App
・Pass/fail self-assessment tool for public high school entrance exam


I was wondering “Is there anything next?” after doing the very basics of Laravel on the other programming learning site, and Junko-sensei’s Laravel textbook and also the deploy course were great.

This time, I was working on three web apps (two are finished, one is still in progress).

What I appreciated most was I felt secure in the knowledge that I could ask Junko-sensei if I had any problems.

In my profession as a tutor for students, I know very well that “people who throw everything at me just because they are paying me won’t grow”.

I know this well, so I have tried to proceed without the help of Junko-sensei as much as possible.

No matter how much trouble I got into, there was always a ray of light shining through.
I thought to myself, “I’m going to try a little harder on my own.

It was also nice to learn in a welcoming atmosphere even when our one-year-old son appeared during the video call lesson.

In the end, I didn’t finish the main web app within the time frame (because I started making a different app on my own in the middle of the project), but I think the two apps I was able to make as a preliminary step will be very useful for making another main app in the future.

Personally, I feel much more confident that I was able to deploy my own apps.

Customer Review About Laravel Online Seminar

M2M craft Co., Ltd.

We run the education business related to Laravel, PHP framework.

We recently held a half-day Laravel seminar for M2M craft Co., Ltd.

According to their request to learn more about the basic structure of Laravel and version control using Git, we held a 4-hour seminar online in Japanese.

【Top Page of Laravel Seminar Document 】

Here are some reviews received from President Wada after the seminar.


Could you tell us the reason that you requested this seminar?

This is because we wanted to know about the following

  • ・Laravel’s Basic Structure (MVC Architecture)
  • ・Tailwind CSS and Laravel Authentication Packages
  • ・How to use OpenID (OAuth)
  • ・Laravel Mix and Vite, and also How to use Node.js in Laravel
  • ・How to manage projects using Git


What did you learn through the seminar?

I understood the role of Node.JS, and the structure of files needed from the test environment to the production environment.

The explanation of MVC was also good. I feel that I could understand the system through the examples you introduced.


Do you have any requests for improvement?

If possible, we would have appreciated a more in-depth lecture on the authentication mechanism of Jetstream package.


We were not able to give you an in-depth explanation about Jetstream this time, as we were only able to give you a brief overview of its features. We will keep this in mind for future reference.

Finally, could you share your overall impressions for this seminar?

Although the members who participated in the seminar had little experience in web development, they were able to understand the development process well.

As for myself, thanks to this training, I have a much better understanding of the process for the development with Laravel.


About M2M craft Co., Ltd.:

M2M craft Co., Ltd. has in-depth knowledge and experience in the factory automation and also field machine-to-machine communication technology for field agricultural machinery. In addition to their own developments, they partner with overseas software houses.

Their mission is to make their clients’ products more competitive.

Testimonials: We received cost-effective and specific advice.


We provided consulting services to improve the efficiency of the platform on which the company operates.

After comparing various tools, we introduced the most suitable tool and provided customization and support for implementation.

Here are some comments from Mr. Hashimoto, the representative of the company, after the consulting.


What are some of the problems or concerns you had before receiving consulting services?

We wanted to make the portal site more user-friendly.

What benefits have you received from the consulting?

We were able to proceed with the production after receiving specific, cost-effective advice, including the efficient use of plug-ins. It also clarified what we need to work on in our company in the future.

Thank you! Please let me know if you have any feedback or messages.

Thank you very much for your courteous and detailed communication with us on such short notice.
We are very grateful that you were able to provide us with the best solution, with sufficient coordination during the proposal process! We look forward to working with you again in the future.


About 特定非営利活動法人WEL’S:


WEL’S is a support business that acts as a bridge between “people with disabilities who want to work” and “companies that want people with disabilities to work”.

WEL’S provides support for “secure employment” and has achieved an excellent employment retention rate of more than 90%.

Post-consultation feedback on digital marketing

Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0

代表:上村 貴世様

We provided consulting on digital marketing.

We told them how to put up online leads to attract customers and the tools they need.

The specific contents are as follows.

  • ■How to use the video editing tool Filmora
  • ■How to create a landing page with embedded video and email registration form
  • ■How to connect SNS and blogs to a landing page
  • ■How to set up and view Google Analytics and Google Console
  • ■How to use Mailchimp

Here are some of the comments we received after the consulting.


What were the problems or concerns that led to your request?

The website and the social networking services used were not well connected and were not being used properly, and we were not able to use videos and email newsletters to draw in customers.

What skills or benefits have you gained from the consulting?

I learned how to create videos, how to set up and write a newsletter, and how to connect these to the website. I also learned how to write from the client’s point of view by receiving advice on specific methods and wording for the e-mail newsletter and website.

Thank you very much.

I felt that you has quickly learned how to use the tools and how to put up leads to attract customers in spite of his busy schedule. I was amazed at how intelligent you are and at the same time, how hardworking you are.

Do you have any final comments or messages for us?

This time, I was particularly pleased with the easy-to-understand content that can be immediately reflected in practice, such as the specific points to keep in mind when writing content for websites and email newsletters.

I felt once again that learning how to use IT, computers, and various applications is a necessary skill for any business from now on.

I believe that more and more people will need this kind of technical support. I hope that your service will reach many more people.


About Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0 :


Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0 provides coaching and presentation seminars for female leaders.

Ms. Uemura, the representative of the firm, has personally felt the difficulty for women to play an active role in society. Based on this experience, she is doing her best to support women so that they can demonstrate their true potential.