The support I received helped me solve problems faster.

Review after Receiving Programming Tutoring


◆Job:Sole Proprietor

◆Web application created during tutoring

Web application for extended functionality of Strip

◆Goot Point

The most important thing I think is the time saving.
I am very happy that the support I received helped me solve the problem quickly.

She not only answered my questions, but offered many suggestions.
I am still learning Laravel, but I am not sure how to build a web app without a good understanding of Laravel. Also, when I asked a question, I got a response by the next day, which made the development process faster.
The timing was perfect for me.
At first, I thought tutoring service was for programming beginners, but it was not. I highly recommend it to anyone who has programming experience and wants to learn Laravel.
I think it is much more time-saving and easier to develop than a programming school.
Junko san’s personality is also very good, and I was able to consult with her easily and feel at ease. Thank you very much.