We can ask them for various things with peace of mind.



What were the problems or concerns that you had?

Our company was established in 2018 through crowdfunding to revive a purely domestic spike manufacturer founded in 1932.

Our business is the manufacture and sale of sporting goods.

Although we don’t have development jobs all the time, there are times when we need to increase the engineer staffs to maintain or improve our web system or develop a new system.

In these cases, we looked for a service that we could ask the development and also a wide range of consultation. When we consulted with Createmore, they gave us a proposal that was perfect for our needs.


What is it that you appreciate about our work, if any? Also, why do you continue to use our services?

We have been working with them since the company’s inception, and we feel comfortable asking them to do various things for us.

Since our company has only just been established, and also we use the Internet for e-commerce and other purposes, we need to respond to rapid changes.

We often need to change the direction of our initial decision. Createmore has been very helpful in responding to such situations.

They are also very helpful in consulting with us about web security and server maintenance.

About Yasuda:

The company was established in 2018 to revive the YASUDA brand, which was the first purely Japanese manufacturer of soccer ts spikes. The company manufactures and sells sporting goods, and YASUDA’s products have been highly praised by professional soccer players.