We can ask them for a wide range of things, and they are very helpful.

Life Shift Inc.


What were the problems or concerns that you had?


Life Shift was founded in 2017 for the purpose of providing training programs for companies.

One of the features of our service is that we provide follow-up training through a web application. In the beginning, however, we didn’t have internal system in place. In order to develop the web system in such a situation, it was essential to have a reliable partner with whom we could build a long-term relationship.

There were several candidates, but we decided to go with Createmore because of their high level of technology as well as their good personality.


Why do you continue to use our services?


We have consistently asked Createmore for development and operation services for almost four years since the beginning of our business.

I think the main reason why we continue to work with them is not only because of their excellent technical skills, but also because of their flexibility to handle various tasks that are derived from the original development and operation work.

Createmore has responded to a wide range of requests and consultations, including web application development, server management and operation (including security aspects), subsequent application modification, and data center troubleshooting. They have been very helpful. We look forward to keep working with them.


About Life Shift Inc.:

Life Shift provides training programs and human resource consulting for companies. In the coming era of 100 years of life, the company is promoting the revitalization of Japanese companies by changing the axis from “retirement” at age 60 to “active” at age 80.