Post-consultation feedback on digital marketing

Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0

代表:上村 貴世様

We provided consulting on digital marketing.

We told them how to put up online leads to attract customers and the tools they need.

The specific contents are as follows.

  • ■How to use the video editing tool Filmora
  • ■How to create a landing page with embedded video and email registration form
  • ■How to connect SNS and blogs to a landing page
  • ■How to set up and view Google Analytics and Google Console
  • ■How to use Mailchimp

Here are some of the comments we received after the consulting.


What were the problems or concerns that led to your request?

The website and the social networking services used were not well connected and were not being used properly, and we were not able to use videos and email newsletters to draw in customers.

What skills or benefits have you gained from the consulting?

I learned how to create videos, how to set up and write a newsletter, and how to connect these to the website. I also learned how to write from the client’s point of view by receiving advice on specific methods and wording for the e-mail newsletter and website.

Thank you very much.

I felt that you has quickly learned how to use the tools and how to put up leads to attract customers in spite of his busy schedule. I was amazed at how intelligent you are and at the same time, how hardworking you are.

Do you have any final comments or messages for us?

This time, I was particularly pleased with the easy-to-understand content that can be immediately reflected in practice, such as the specific points to keep in mind when writing content for websites and email newsletters.

I felt once again that learning how to use IT, computers, and various applications is a necessary skill for any business from now on.

I believe that more and more people will need this kind of technical support. I hope that your service will reach many more people.


About Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0 :


Consulting Office Leadership Coaching 5.0 provides coaching and presentation seminars for female leaders.

Ms. Uemura, the representative of the firm, has personally felt the difficulty for women to play an active role in society. Based on this experience, she is doing her best to support women so that they can demonstrate their true potential.