Customer Review About Laravel Online Seminar

M2M craft Co., Ltd.

We run the education business related to Laravel, PHP framework.

We recently held a half-day Laravel seminar for M2M craft Co., Ltd.

According to their request to learn more about the basic structure of Laravel and version control using Git, we held a 4-hour seminar online in Japanese.

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Here are some reviews received from President Wada after the seminar.


Could you tell us the reason that you requested this seminar?

This is because we wanted to know about the following

  • ・Laravel’s Basic Structure (MVC Architecture)
  • ・Tailwind CSS and Laravel Authentication Packages
  • ・How to use OpenID (OAuth)
  • ・Laravel Mix and Vite, and also How to use Node.js in Laravel
  • ・How to manage projects using Git


What did you learn through the seminar?

I understood the role of Node.JS, and the structure of files needed from the test environment to the production environment.

The explanation of MVC was also good. I feel that I could understand the system through the examples you introduced.


Do you have any requests for improvement?

If possible, we would have appreciated a more in-depth lecture on the authentication mechanism of Jetstream package.


We were not able to give you an in-depth explanation about Jetstream this time, as we were only able to give you a brief overview of its features. We will keep this in mind for future reference.

Finally, could you share your overall impressions for this seminar?

Although the members who participated in the seminar had little experience in web development, they were able to understand the development process well.

As for myself, thanks to this training, I have a much better understanding of the process for the development with Laravel.


About M2M craft Co., Ltd.:

M2M craft Co., Ltd. has in-depth knowledge and experience in the factory automation and also field machine-to-machine communication technology for field agricultural machinery. In addition to their own developments, they partner with overseas software houses.

Their mission is to make their clients’ products more competitive.