Customer Feedback: We are 100% Satisfied with the E-Learning System Development


“We are 100% Satisfied with the E-Learning System Development”

We received invaluable feedback about the E-Learning system we developed. Here is a review from our client:

Please tell us about your experience creating content with our E-Learning system. Which features were particularly useful? Also, if there are any areas for improvement, please let us know.

“I found the testing and question setting process to be seamless. The ability to switch between automatic and manual grading for different questions was highly versatile and beneficial.

What are your thoughts on the overall usability of our E-Learning system, including ease of operation and the intuitiveness of the interface?

“The system is intuitive and user-friendly. I believe it is accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy or have disabilities, making the E-Learning system a valuable tool.”

Did the features implemented based on your requests function as expected?

Please share your level of satisfaction with the feature additions based on your requests.

“The features we anticipated were implemented perfectly, and additional requests like increasing the number of questions and adding test answering rules were also promptly addressed. We are 100% satisfied.

Was our support and feedback helpful?

Please share specific experiences and if there are any areas for improvement, let us know.

“Your support was exceptional, unlike any other company’s. It allowed us to delegate tasks without any concerns. The clarity in explanations and the swift responses to our needs and revisions were highly appreciated.”

Overall, how satisfied are you with our E-Learning system? Also, if you were to recommend us to others, what aspects would you highlight?

“My satisfaction with your company is at 100%. Should I recommend you to others, I would highlight the thoroughness of your support and the unique ‘Create More responsiveness’ that is not found elsewhere.”


Thank you very much for your kind words. We truly value your feedback and are committed to continuously providing better services.

About 特定非営利活動法人WEL’S:


WEL’S is a support business that acts as a bridge between “people with disabilities who want to work” and “companies that want people with disabilities to work”.

WEL’S provides support for “secure employment” and has achieved an excellent employment retention rate of more than 90%.