I was able to make a successful career change to engineering.

Review after learning [Laravel Textbook] [Deploy Lesson], and also online lesson.

After completing the course, he successfully transitioned from a completely different industry to engineering.



Age: 30’s

Job:Company employee

Reason for taking the course: Career Change


I was able to disclose my portfolio to be used as a job application.

This was very helpful because when changing jobs in the IT industry, if you can’t make your portfolio public, you can’t apply for the job itself.
If I had not taken this course, I might still be struggling with not being able to apply for jobs.

One of the best aspects of the course was the question and answer session available.
I am sorry that I took the time to ask all the questions, but it was a great help to myself.
If I had not been able to ask questions, I would have been in danger of getting stuck in the middle of the course.


We later received the following message from him.

“Thanks to your support, my job search was successful and I will be working as an engineer from September. Thank you very much. It was definitely thanks to this course.”

We are very happy to support him in his career change.